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Robert Cahen

2003, 8:50 min, b&w, sound


L'ile mysterieuse

Robert Cahen

1992, 15:46 min, color, sound


l'Image (The Image)

Danièle and Jacques Louis Nyst

1987, 41:42 min, b&w and color, sound


l'Image du cinema

Raymond Bellour 

1981, 79:43 min, color, sound


L.A. Christmas

Kip Fulbeck

1996, 13 min, b&w, sound

L.A. Christmas follows the quirky idiosyncrasies of a Chinese-American family Christmas in Southern California. Instead of Santa, snow and mistletoe, Fulbeck gives us a nine-year-old Black Belt, Buddhists butchering Christmas carols, and a nephew who recites pi to 200 digits. L.A. Christmas captures...


L.A. Nickel

Branda Miller

1983, 8:33 min, color, sound


La Jungla (Between Light and Shadow)

Tony Labat

1985, 13:32 min, b&w, sound


La Patria Vacia

Jaime Davidovich

1975, 11 min, b&w, sound, Spanish

In this short documentary, Davidovich examines censorship in Argentina. As an expatriate living in New York, he reflects on his own "artistic exile" and the "empty homeland at the back of his mind."


La peinture cubiste

Thierry Kuntzel and Philippe Grandrieux 

1981, 49 min, color, sound


La Vida es Una Herida Absurda

Ken Feingold and Nora Fisch 

1994, 3 min, color, sound


Lake Placid '80

Nam June Paik

1980, 3:49 min, color, sound



James Byrne

1986, 8:10 min, b&w, sound


Lamp/Licht: What's a Sweetheart Like You Doin' In a Place Like This?

Andrew Lampert

2007, 31:21 min, color, sound


Landscapes and Subtitles

C. Spencer Yeh

2013, 6:16 min, color, sound, HD video

Fictitious subtitles from imagined non-English language films are synchronized to landscape videos shot by the artist on consumer equipment, often using existing structures, such as bus windows, as makeshift dollies or tripods. Writes C. Spencer Yeh: "These were originally developed as...


Las Meninas (Maids of Honor)

Juan Downey

1975, 20:34 min, color, sound


Las Vegas: Last Oasis in America

Maxi Cohen and Joel Gold. 

1982, 22:12 min, color, sound


Latency/Contemplation 1

Seoungho Cho

2016, 6:20 min, color, sound, HD video


Latency/Contemplation 2

Seoungho Cho

2017, 7:56 min, color, sound, HD video


Laurie Simmons: A Teaser


1982, 5 min, color, sound



Dan Asher

1997, 20:23 min, color, sound

LDTV, which refers to the artist's term for "low definition television," is a collection of television fragments videotaped directly from the TV screen in an array of countries in which Asher has travelled. LDTV reflects the nomadic character of Asher's work, while at the same time reproduces the...


Le 2ème Jour

Robert Cahen

1988, 8:25 min, color, sound


Le Cruel et Curieux Vie Du La Salmonellapod

Alex Bag with Ethan Kramer 

2000, 11:48 min, color, sound

Bag's mock nature show stars an amphibious, carnivorous flying animal, the Salmonellapod. A hushed narrator cheerfully describes the lethal male pregnancy, inborn female sadism, infant cannibalism, and other facts about the Salmonellapod's vicious life cycle, with light Casio-keyboard...


Le Prince: Leeds Bridge 1888

Ken Jacobs

2005, 6 min, b&w, silent

Writes Ken Jacobs: "Louis-Aimé-Augustin Le Prince was the first person to create, in 1885, a single recording apparatus that photographed images in quick succession on George Eastman's new paper roll film. Le Prince applied for patents but the fix was in, leaving Edison and the Lumière Brothers...


Leaf of Life

Ilana Harris-Babou 

2022, 17:41 minutes, color, stereo, HD video

In Leaf of Life, Harris-Babou imagines an alternate reality where the tropes of wellness culture are disrupted by the healing potential of Black self-determination. The artist takes inspiration from conspiracy theories, diet gurus, and biblical quotes, among others. The video combines reflection...


Learning from Dynasty

Robert Beck 

1986, 8:16 min, color, sound


Leaving the 20th Century

Max Almy 

1982, 10:17 min, color, sound

Leaving the 20th Century is a compelling science fiction narrative of televisual time-travel via the electronic circuit and computer chip. Almy dramatizes a three-part transition—countdown, departure, arrival—to a technological future, foreclosed and dehumanized. The stylized visuals and ironic...

Tony Cokes

2008, 18:49 min, b&w, sound, HD video is an animated video text, presenting a series of pointed anecdotes about the vexed relationship between art criticism and art making in Britain and the U.S. during the 1960s and 70s. the video is based on an article titled "Leeds Talk" by Los Angeles art historian Andrew Perchuk....

Tony Cokes

2008, 4:05 min, b&w, sound, HD video

Writes Cokes, " is an animated text, a script of sorts. The video outlines selected issues framing a media / lecture performance by Tony Cokes and Andrew Perchuk. This presentation, originally part of our literal speed: the performative discourse, an international conference...


Left Side Right Side

Joan Jonas

1972, 8:50 min, b&w, sound


Lesbian Whale

Barbara Hammer

2015, 6:35 min, color, sound, HD video

"Lesbian Whale ... is a video animation of Hammer’s early notebook drawings set to a sound track of commentary by the artist’s friends and peers. The script is composed of fragments and stray thoughts – 'as a feminist I’m very skeptical'; 'not necessarily physical time but emotional time' – and...


LESSON STALLS: learning net

Torsten Zenas Burns and Darrin Martin

2003, color, sound, Web Project

An off-branch of their recent studies, Burns and Martin establish an on-line training complex dedicated to the philosophical, technical, and practical aspects of an intra and extraphysical society. By engaging in diagrammatic mobile interfaces and various testing paradigms, Lesson Stalls:...


Let Me Count the Ways: Minus 10, Minus 9, Minus 8, and Minus 7

Leslie Thornton

2004, 20 min, color, sound

Let Me Count the Ways... inaugurates a new serial work by Thornton. As in her recently completed Peggy and Fred series, Thornton explores the social effects of new technologies and media, but here she pushes even further into autobiographical territory to suggest the ways in which we are...


Let Me Count the Ways: Minus 6

Leslie Thornton

2006, 2 min, b&w, sound

Minus 6 is the fifth installment in an ongoing series of videos entitled Let Me Count the Ways. Writes Thornton: "I am interested in the parallels between the calculated use of the media by Hitler, his theatrical training, and the cynical deployment of the mass media in waging present day...


Let The Good Times Roll

Harry Dodge and Stanya Kahn

2004, 15:43 min, color, sound

Based on a live performance by Stanya Kahn, Let the Good Times Roll shuffles time and location as two loners meet in the desert on their way to a rock show. Stories of seasonal depression and finding unexpected exuberance emerge in suspended, Waiting for Godot-like circumstances. Writes...


Let There Be Whistle Blowers

Ken Jacobs

2005, 18 min, b&w and color, sound

A train passes though a tunnel and hurtles on to a station. Time and space are toyed with, things enter an impossible state of ongoing movement while going nowhere. The actual tunnel experience sets off a metaphysical one. Composed to the first part of DRUMMING by Steve Reich.


Let's Play Prisoners

Julie Zando

1988, 22 min, b&w, sound


Liberty: A Dozen or So Views

Dara Birnbaum

1976, 11:30 min, b&w, sound



Robert Buck and Gryphon Rue 

2018, 11:54 min, color, sound, HD video

"Made in collaboration with composer and artist Gryphon Rue, License modifies a video forensics report by The New York Times that reconstructs the October 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas, the deadliest in U.S. history. John Cage’s infamous 1952 composition 4’ 33” (Four Minutes and Thirty-three...


Liége 12/9/77


1977, 18 min, color, sound


Life in Exile, Part One: Body, Speech and Mind: Conversations with Tibetan Philosophers

Ken Feingold

1988-89, 60 min, color, sound


Life in Exile, Part Two: Resisting the Chinese Occupation: Personal Accounts of Tibetans

Ken Feingold

1988-90, 30 min, color, sound


Life of Phillis

Tony Oursler

1979, 55:23 min, b&w, sound

Newly restored from its original elements, Life of Phillis is one of Oursler's earliest video narratives. In this psychosexual, low-tech epic, Oursler creates an outrageous theatrical world, fashioning characters from unlikely found objects. Willfully primitive, often grotesque, and crafted with...


Light Blue Sky

Lawrence Weiner

2002, 4:45 min, color, silent

A silent "motion drawing," Light Blue Sky continues Weiner's digital exploration of language structures, categorical systems, and the process of reading. With his distinctive interactions of shifting colors, animated graphics and epigrammatic text, Weiner engages in visual and linguistic play...


Light Composition: Documenta 8, Kassel

Nan Hoover

1987, 13:48 min, color, silent


Light Display: Color

Jud Yalkut

2002, 7 min, color, silent

Yalkut creates a poetic homage to Lazlo Moholy-Nagy's pioneering 1930 kinetic sculpture Light-Space Modulator, which was reconstructed at the Howard Wise Gallery, New York, in 1970. Yalkut's silent Light Display: Color combines processed analogue and digital imagery derived from the original 16mm...



Steina in collaboration with Doris Cross. 

1987, 9:12 min, color, sound


Lilo & Me

Kip Fulbeck

2003, 9:35 min, color, sound

Writes Fulbeck: "What celebrity do you most resemble? ... This question starts a rollicking ride that is part autobiography, part family portrait, part pop-culture survey, and all Disney* all the time. Watch as Fulbeck documents for the first time his uncanny resemblance to Pocahontas, Mulan,...



Cheryl Donegan

1996, 14:20 min, color, sound


Lineage for a Multiple-Monitor Workstation: Number One

Sondra Perry

2015, 25:24 min, color, sound, Two Channels


Linear Tracking

Seoungho Cho

2000, 12:24 min, color, sound


Lines in the Sand

Joan Jonas

2002-2005, 47:45 min, color, sound

Commissioned by Dokumenta XI in 2002, Jonas' multimedia performance piece Lines in the Sand takes up two works by the poet H.D. (Hilda Doolittle)—Helen in Egypt (1955) and Tribute to Freud (1944)—as source material. Narrated by Jonas, Lines in the Sand transposes H.D.'s re-working of the story of...


Lip Sync

Bruce Nauman

1969, 57 min, b&w, sound


Lisa and Joey in Connecticut

Ken Jacobs

1965, 21:59 min, color, silent, 8mm film on video



Seoungho Cho

2014, 10:18 min, color, sound, HD video

Seoungho Cho writes: "When I noticed some moments from my studio window in its prosaic reality, I started to make a 'List' of these accumulated moments of lights and colors in time suggesting a flow of unconsciousness. Ironically, throughout the seasons with endless changes of light and shadows,...


Little Spirits

Cecelia Condit

2005, 8:40 min, color, sound


Little Stabs at Happiness

Ken Jacobs

1960, 14:57 min, color, sound, 16 mm film on video

"Material was cut in as it came out of the camera, embarrassing moments intact. 100' rolls timed well with music on old 78's. I was interested in immediacy, a sense of ease, and an art where suffering was acknowledged but not trivialized with dramatics. Whimsy was our achievement, as well as...


Live Video Dance

Kit Fitzgerald

1987, 6:20 min, color, sound


Living with the Living Theatre

Nam June Paik with Betsy Connors and Paul Garrin. 

1989, 28:30 min, color, sound


Lo-Fi Green Sigh

Kristin Lucas

2004, 3 min, color, sound

Shot on location at Biosphere 2 and in the surrounding Arizona desert, Lo-Fi Green Sigh is a playful pastiche of science fiction movie conventions, scored to ominous electronic drones. Lucas' student collaborators don makeshift space-suits and play badminton among the cacti, while Lucas herself...



Charles Atlas, Merce Cunningham

1978, 29:54 min, color, sound, 16 mm film on HD video

In Locale, Charles Atlas' camera movements map precisely onto Cunningham's choreography. Three kinds of cameras are used: Steadicam, a Movieola crab dolly and an Elemac dolly with a crane arm. Locale is structured in four parts, based upon the use of specific cameras, dancers and time sequences....



General Idea

1982, 9 min, color, sound

Loco is a reflection on the role of General Idea's formative creation and muse "Miss General Idea." An anonymous female narrator structures an objective view of this role, referring to clips salvaged from a purported 1968 film showing glimpses of the mythical Miss General Idea. These clips are...



Kalup Linzy

2006, 3:24 min, b&w, sound

In The New York Times, Roberta Smith writes, "Kalup Linzy's fabulously nuanced (and lip-synched) new video, a collaboration with Shaun Leonardo, restates a vintage blues duet as a gay flirtation." The New York Sun's Deborah Garwood adds, "Messrs. Linzy and Leonardo's evocation of bygone...


Lonely Loser Trilogy: Snowboard Gear, Mountain Bikes, Skate Videos

Trevor Shimizu 

2013, 49:12 min, color, sound



Tony Conrad

1986, 13:06 min, color, sound

"The First Intermediate Period, around 2025 BCE, was the occasion for a remarkable constellation of innovations in Egyptian thought and civil order. After the death of Pepi II, the longest-reigning monarch in history, none of the numerous claimants to his sacred throne was able to reverse the...



Tony Conrad

1984, 4:09 min, color, sound

"An analytical crisis ensues when the viewer’s activity is accounted within the work: without a (historic) closure, there can be no criteria of quality, nor a universal reference for judgment. Postmodern discourse has at least made a down payment on this cost to theory. Lookers seeks a different...


Lookin' Good, Feelin' Good

Stanya Kahn

2012, 5:05 min, color, sound, HD video

In this exploration of anxiety and power, Kahn climbs inside a giant penis costume to wander the streets of her L.A. neighborhood. These scenes are intercut with the artist performing a stand-up routine in the same outfit that tangentially reveals a resonant story from her own childhood....


Losing: A Conversation With The Parents

Martha Rosler

1977, 18:50 min, color, sound


Lost in the Pictures

Max Almy 

1985, 4:06 min, color, sound

In this contemporary "day in the life" of an average computer programmer, Almy depicts the dissolution of social dichotomies—public/private, labor/leisure, reality/fantasy—through TV's reception in a culture spellbound by its images. Almy builds a picture of delirium in a dazzling scene in which...


Lost in the Translation

Tony Labat

1984, 8:35 min, color, sound


Lost in Translation (Part 1: Plus Ultra)

Peter Callas

1999, 6 min, color, sound


Lost Loose Ends

Alex Hubbard

2008, 4:17 min, color, sound



Zoe Beloff and Eric Muzzy 

2022, 6:53 min, color, sound, HD video

This interview is with Tonia Ifill, UPS Package Car Driver.



Willard Rosenquist with William Roarty and Warner Jepson 

1974, 27:21 min, color, sound


Love Tapes: Series 18

Wendy Clarke

1981, 58:50 min, b&w, sound


Love Tapes: Series 19

Wendy Clarke

1981, 28 min, b&w, sound



Barbara Hammer

2006, 55:06, color, sound

1920s Surrealist artists Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore come to life in this hybrid documentary. Lesbians and step-sisters, the gender-bending artists lived and worked together all their lives. Heroic resisters to the Nazis occupying Jersey Isle during WWII, they were captured and sentenced to...


Luck Smith

Gusztáv Hámos

1987, 5:55 min, color, sound



Klaus vom Bruch

1981, 8:10 min, color, sound


Lunar Rambles: Brooklyn Bridge

Terry Fox

1976, 33:04 min, color, sound

The Lunar Rambles series documents five unannounced performances by Fox in five outdoor locations in New York, which took place over the course of a week. In each of the downtown sites, which ranged from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Fulton Fish Market and Greenwich Street, Fox would play a large...


Lunar Rambles: Canal Street

Terry Fox

1976, 32:37 min, color, sound

The Lunar Rambles series documents five unannounced performances by Fox in five outdoor locations in New York, which took place over the course of a week. In each of the downtown sites, which ranged from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Fulton Fish Market and Greenwich Street, Fox would play a large...


Lunar Rambles: Fulton Fish Market

Terry Fox

1976, 32 min, color, sound

The Lunar Rambles series documents five unannounced performances by Fox in five outdoor locations in New York, which took place over the course of a week. In each of the downtown sites, which ranged from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Fulton Fish Market and Greenwich Street, Fox would play a large...


Lunar Rambles: Greenwich Street

Terry Fox

1976, 32:41 min, color, sound

The Lunar Rambles series documents five unannounced performances by Fox in five outdoor locations in New York, which took place over the course of a week. In each of the downtown sites, which ranged from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Fulton Fish Market and Greenwich Street, Fox would play a large...


Lunar Rambles: Pedestrian Tunnel

Terry Fox

1976, 32:45 min, color, sound

The Lunar Rambles series documents five unannounced performances by Fox in five outdoor locations in New York, which took place over the course of a week. In each of the downtown sites, which ranged from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Fulton Fish Market and Greenwich Street, Fox would play a large...