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I Am Making Art

John Baldessari 

1971, 18:40 min, b&w, sound


I Blinked Three Times

Seoungho Cho

1993, 10 min, color, sound


I Do Not Know What It Is I Am Like

Bill Viola

1986, 89 min, color, sound


I hung back, held fire, danced and lied

Tom Kalin

1995, 4:50 min, b&w and color, sound


I Left My Silent House

Seoungho Cho

2007, 8:53 min, color, sound, HD video

Seoungho Cho's I Left My Silent House begins in a meditative mood, with black and white images of people in the subway, and then transforms itself into a colorful journey across dramatic open spaces, before returning once again to the city. The video's driving electronic soundtrack and dramatic...


I Like Girls for Friends

Julie Zando

1987, 3 min, color, sound



Zoe Beloff and Eric Muzzy 

2022, 8:15 min, color, sound, HD video

This interview is with Carolin Herrera Ward, a window clerk for the United States Postal Service.


I Still Want to Drown

Cheryl Donegan

2010, 3:18 min, color, sound

Donegan writes: "The piece is a short lament and meditation on housework, heartbreak and posing...keeping up appearances and appearing to keep up...I thought about Douglas Sirk and decorating... To the soaring Dionne Warick sound, the video unfolds as a series of images of a woman alone in a...


I Want Some Insecticide

Branda Miller

1986, 3:53 min, b&w and color, sound


I Want to Live in the Country (And Other Romances)

Joan Jonas

1976, 24:06 min, color, sound


I Was/I Am

Barbara Hammer

1973, 5:44 min, b&w, sound, 16 mm film on video


I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art

John Baldessari 

1971, 31:17 min, b&w, sound


I'm Not The Girl Who Misses Much

Pipilotti Rist

1986, 7:47 min, color, sound

Rist's classic video takes on rock music with its own tools, pushing pop's repetitive strategies and representations of women to absurd lengths. Footage of the artist chanting the piece's title (a line adapted from The Beatles' song Happiness is a Warm Gun) is replayed at high and low speeds,...


I, Popeye

Takeshi Murata

2010, 6:05 min, color, sound, HD video


I-Be Area

Ryan Trecartin

2007, 108 min, color, sound

Holland Cotter, writing in The New York Times, describes the "sensationally anarchic" video I-Be Area, in which Trecartin uses what Cotter terms "very basic digital tools to create a highly personal narrative art, almost a kind of folk art."

Cotter writes: "We're in a house of many tight,...



Burt Barr 

1987, 4:33 min, color, sound


Ich mache die Schmerzprobe (I do the Pain Test)

Marcel Odenbach

1984, 6:25 min, color, sound


Ideas of Order in Cinque Terre

Ken Kobland

2005, 32 min, color, sound

"Cinque Terre is the designation for a string of towns dotting the northern Mediterranean coast of Italy. Filmmaker Ken Kobland was invited to spend a few weeks there in November 2004, and Ideas of Order in Cinque Terre is the result of his brief love affair with the landscape of the place....


Identical Time

Seoungho Cho

1997, 14:21 min, color, sound



Anthony Ramos

1974, 12:34 min, b&w, sound


If I Just Turn and Run

Ellen Cantor

1998, 22:39 min, color, sound

Discovered after Cantor's death in 2013, If I Just Turn and Run is an anomaly in Cantor's body of work. Departing from her metatextual and appropriation-based practice, the video retains her bold diaristic approach, using herself as subject. Speaking candidly to a stationary video camera, in a...


If it's too bad to be true, it could be DISINFORMATION

Martha Rosler

1985, 16:31 min, color, sound


If Pigs Could Fly (The Media Machine)

Peter Callas

1987, 4:20 min, color, sound


Illinois Central Transposed

Carolee Schneemann

1968-69, 18:15 min, color, 16 mm film on video


Illuminated Music II & III

Stephen Beck

1972-73, 29:36 min, color, sound


Illuminatin' Sweeney

Skip Sweeney

1975, 28:38 min, b&w and color, sound


Image's Identity

Francesc Torres

1974, 30:02 min, b&w, sound


Imagining Indians

Victor Masayesva, Jr.

1992, 30 min, color, sound

Sondra Perry

2015, 2:41 min, color, sound, HD video



Ursula Hodel

1998, 5:29 min, color, sound


Imitation of Myself

Francesc Torres

1974, 6 min, b&w, sound



Chris Marker

1997, CD-ROM

Immemory is the first CD-ROM project by French filmmaker Chris Marker. Marker's recent works have explored computers, multimedia, and non-linearity, traversing the passages between documentary and fiction. In Immemory, Marker charts a haunting journey through memory, cinema, photography, war...


Impaction of the Igneous

George Kuchar

1992, 43:52 min, color, sound


In Answer to A-R-T

Robert Buck

1985, 28 min, color, sound


in complete world

Shelly Silver

2008, 53 min, color, sound

Silver writes: "in complete world is both a rigorous and unique reworking of the vox pop tradition - the entire documentary is made up of a weaving of street interviews done throughout NYC. Mixing political questions ('Are we responsible for the government we get?') with more broadly existential...


In Girum Revisited...


2017, 14:46 min, color, sound, HD video


In Line

Tony Conrad

1985, 7:14 min, color, sound

"A trisection of the spectators' power over their own image language: word, trance, and command are installed as valences of the artist’s license, revealed as figures of parental authority. "How peculiar that people like being an audience because they enjoy their submission to the authority of...


In Search of the Castle...

Steina and Woody Vasulka

1981, 9:29 min, color, sound


In Shadow City

Ken Feingold and Constance DeJong 

1988, 13 min, color, sound


In the blink of an eye...(amphibian dreams)..."If I could fly I would fly"

Mary Lucier in collaboration with Elizabeth Streb 

1987, 25:11 min, color, sound


In the Creeks

Frank Gillette

1984, 59:27 min, color, sound


In the Land of the Elevator Girls

Steina and Woody Vasulka

1989, 4 min, color, sound


In the Place of the Public: Airport Series

Martha Rosler

1993, 4 hrs, color, sound

This footage of airport terminals and runways was originally presented on two security monitors, incorporated into an installation which included color photographs and texts. In the installation, Rosler explored the system of air travel and its associated spaces, primarily the air terminal, as...


In the Planet of the Eye: Installation Documentation

Rita Myers

1984, 5:15 min, color, sound


In the Present

Phyllis Baldino 

1996, 12 min, color, sound


In Transit

Chip Lord

2011, 21:30 min, color, sound

Lord's interest in architecture and urban public space has led to the production of a series of video works that document and explore issues of urban geography and planning. In Transit is an observed portrait of the spaces—often considered non-places—of air travel. It moves from San Francisco to...


Incendiary Cinema

Ken Jacobs

2005, 1:25 min, color, sound

WARNING: This work contains throbbing light. Should not be viewed by individuals with epilepsy or seizure disorders. This piece was created as a trailer for the 2005 Viennale Film Festival in Austria. "The image on the screen flickers unsteadily; the rhythm is unsettling: black/white,...


Incidence of Catastrophe

Gary Hill

1987-88, 43:51 min, color, sound

While extending the dialogue between semantics and consciousness that Hill has advanced since the late 1970s, Incidence of Catastrophe reaches beyond these parameters in depicting the synesthesia of reading and the dreamwork of the text. Inspired by Maurice Blanchot's novel Thomas the Obscure and...


Inconsequential Doggereal

Ulysses Jenkins

1981, 15:13 min, color, sound


India Time

Ken Feingold

1987, 45:54 min, color, sound


Indirect Measurement

Tony Conrad

2004-2011, 7:45 min, color, sound


Industrial Synth

Seth Price

2000-2001, 16:37 min, color, sound

A dense montage of graphics, charts, and animations, Industrial Synth takes up the tradition of the experimental essay film and flattens it into an oblique composition that reflects on the technological and consumerist dimensions of Modernity. Negating cinematic elements of narrative,...


Infinite Doors

Takeshi Murata

2010, 2:04 min, color, sound

Infinity Doors draws on the determined staying power and unremitting stimulation of prize-oriented game show culture. Utilizing clips from The Price is Right, Murata edits a kinetic series of prize unveils. Unrelenting audience applause and an excessively animated announcer make the clip at once...


Infinite Escher

John Sanborn and Mary Perillo in collaboration with Dean Winkler. 

1990, 8 min, color, sound


Infinitely Unresolved


2019, 6:43 min, color, sound, HD video


Infinity Kisses - The Movie

Carolee Schneemann

2008, 9:18 min, color, sound, HD video

Infinity Kisses - The Movie completes Schneemann's exploration of human and feline sensual communication. It incorporates extracts of the original 124 self-shot 35mm color slide photo sequence, Infinity Kisses, in which the expressive self-determination of the ardent cat was recorded over an...


Inflatables Illustrated

Ant Farm 

1971-2003, 21:20 min, b&w and color, sound

In the late 1960s and early '70s, the Ant Farm collective pioneered the idea of "inflatable" structures as alternative architecture. Inflatables Illustrated offers a visual primer on how Ant Farm prepared and constructed their utopian, experimental inflatable-plastic architecture. Objects such as...



Kristin Lucas  

1994, 4:42, color and b&w, sound

Recently restored by the artist, and added to distribution thirty years after the catalytic event that inspired it, Inforeceptor is a lighthearted yet ominous anticipation of the cresting World Wide Web, marked by the launch of the first public web browser, Mosaic, in 1993. Shot on both Hi-8...



Bill Viola

1973, 29:35 min, color, sound


Information Withheld

Juan Downey

1983, 28:27 min, color, sound


Inherent In The Rhumb Line

Lawrence Weiner

2005, 7:25 min, color, silent

"With the advent of the rhumb line — a line of constant bearing or loxodrome — a cognitive pattern developed in the Western world that allowed the possibility to conceive pillage on voyages of discovery. Inherent in the Rhumb Line is an imperative for use — regardless of consequence — a flattened...



Cory Arcangel in collaboration with Jamie Arcangel 

1992-2003, 7:29 min, color, sound

Cory Arcangel, in a bit of polemical hyperbole, has stated a refusal to edit his video footage, preferring the excesses of the accidental and the contingent. With Insectiside, Arcangel brings this strategically amateur aesthetic to a new level, re-presenting a home video that he made as a...


Insistent Clamor

Ken Jacobs

2005, 22 min, sound

WARNING: This work contains throbbing light. Should not be viewed by individuals with epilepsy or seizure disorders.

This work is derived from one of Jacobs' Nervous Magic Lantern performances, which are created with a hand-manipulated projector and use neither film nor video. Highly stroboscopic...


Installation Documentation I

Rita Myers

1977-81, 13:15 min, color, sound


Installation Documentation II

Rita Myers

1983, 7:03 min, color, sound


Intellectual Properties

John Adams 

1985, 60 min, b&w and color, sound


Interchill @ FACT Center

Cory Arcangel 

2004, 9:41 min, color, sound

Produced during Arcangel's residency at Liverpool's FACT Center, Interchill @ FACT Center is a carefully ramshackle production that appears as if it might have emerged from a public access TV studio some time in the late 1980s. Bracketed by stroboscopic dance segments, the heart of the...


Intercourse with...

Hannah Wilke

1977, 27 min, b&w, sound


Interior Scroll - The Cave

Carolee Schneemann

1995, 7:31 min, color, sound



Alix Pearlstein

1996, 8:35 min, color, sound


Internal Tantrum

Charlemagne Palestine

1975, 7:35 min, b&w, sound



Kit Fitzgerald and John Sanborn

1979, 25:32 min, color, sound



Charles Atlas, Merce Cunningham

2001, 46:41 min, color, sound

Interscape was first performed at the Eisenhower Theater, Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. on April 6, 2000. Some of the choreography for this piece was originally created for the dance film Melange(2000), including a series of trips where one dancer is continually replaced by another. The...


Interview with Buckminster Fuller


1970, 33:49 min, color, sound


Interview with George Maciunas

Larry Miller 

1978, 60 min, b&w, sound

This rare interview with Maciunas, the founder of Fluxus, took place a few months before his death in 1978. Maciunas discusses his famous chart, "Diagram of Historical Development of Fluxus and other Four Dimensional, Aural, Optic, Olfactory, Epithelial, and Tactile Art Forms," tracing...


Interviews with Interviewers... About Interviewing

Skip Blumberg

1985, 51:35 min, color, sound


Intriguing People (Enredando As Pessoas)

Eder Santos

1995, 70 min, color, sound, Portuguese with English subtitles


Introduction to the So-Called Duck-Factory

Leslie Thornton

1990, 7 min, color and b&w, sound

Peggy and Fred in Hell, Thornton's ongoing and open-ended video series, maps a surreal, quasi-apocalyptic realm littered with the detritus of a pop culture bursting at the seams. Castaways in this wilderness of signs, Peggy and Fred are, as Thornton states, "raised by television," their...


Invasive Species

Frank Heath

2012, 11:36 min, color, sound, HD video

Invasive Species documents a peculiar request by phone, set against a beautiful day at Green-Wood Cemetery. The exchange explores multiple tangents, from parakeets to numerology, while the onscreen events turn bizarrely synchronous.



John Baldessari 

1972, 23:50 min, b&w, sound


Invisible Citizens: Japanese-Americans

Keiko Tsuno. 

1983, 56:43 min, color, sound


Involuntary Reception

Kristin Lucas

2000, 16:45 min, color, sound

Involuntary Reception is a double-imaged, double-edged report from a young woman lost in the telecommunications ether. Possessing extraordinary electrical forces — a surging EPF (electro-magnetic pulse field) — she self-broadcasts her unique experience of the world. Appearing as a somewhat...


Involuntary Reception

Kristin Lucas

2000, Web Project

In EAI's premiere Artist Web Project, Kristin Lucas performs as a young woman with an enormous electro-magnetic pulse field (EPF). The video element of Involuntary Reception may be viewed in its entirety using Real Player. View Project


iParade#2: Unchanged When Exhumed


2012, 6:44 min, color, sound, HD video

LoVid collaborated with Sean M. Montgomery to create iParade, an app that is part of a series of locative media-works, which use the built-in GPS locator in smartphones to unlock video, sound, and text for users in geographically specific locations. In iParade#2: Unchanged When Exhumed,...


Ipso Facto

Tony Conrad

1985, 7:22 min, color, sound

"A story of technology, appropriation, and authority. High technology is a palisade of errors behind which artists are marionettes of industry or addicts of solitaire. Inappropriate appropriation abounds here— inappropriate because what’s quoted is either not an entry in the cultural ark(ive) or...



Seoungho Cho

1994, 8 min, color, sound


Irony (The Abyss of Speech)

Ken Feingold

1985, 28:50 min, color, sound


Irving Bridge

William Gwin and Warner Jepson 

1972, 59:04 min, color, sound


Is There Anything Specific You Want Me to Tell You About?

Yau Ching

1991, 12 min, color, sound


Island Song/Island Monologue

Charlemagne Palestine

1976, 31:34 min, b&w, sound


It Seems Strange But It's Almost Dinner Time Margaret

John Adams 

1986, 60 sec, color, sound


It Starts At Home

Michael Smith

1982, 24:58 min, color, sound


It's a Jackie Thing

Charles Atlas 

1999, 28:30 min, color, sound

Based on his own video documentation, Atlas constructs a delirious montage of New York club performances from the late 1990s. Impersonators of pop-culture figures, including Martha Graham, Kurt Cobain giving a "final performance," and Sid Vicious lip-syncing to Nancy Sinatra, are emceed by two...


It's Cool, I'm Good

Stanya Kahn

2010, 35:27 min, color, sound



Sondra Perry

2017, 16:32 min, color, sound, HD video


Itam Hakim, Hopiit

Victor Masayesva, Jr.

1985, 58 min, color, sound


Item Falls

Ryan Trecartin

2013, 25:44 min, color, sound, HD video

In Item Falls, we are peaking. We start out at a casting call, but before long we're firmly in the grip of hallucination, shedding our anxieties and evidently regressing to the animation era, a time when stunt chickens were mere chicklets. Friendly archetypes float in and out of what seems like...



Zoe Beloff and Eric Muzzy 

2022, 11:39 min, color, sound, HD video

This interview is with David Van De Carr, respiratory therapist.