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Seoungho Cho

2014, 8:31 min, color, sound, HD video

Seoungho Cho writes: "I received permission to videotape an unknown sannyasi having a siesta as if he were in a deep meditation. Usually we believe that body is the vehicle of soul. I would not know what kind of soul this old, tired and unconsciously open body might suggest. I came to think...


B4 & After the Studio Pt. 1

Tony Cokes 

2019, 11:02 min, color, sound, HD video



Tony Labat

1980, 10:10 min, color, sound


Baby Birds

C. Spencer Yeh

2009, 1:26 min, color, sound


Baby Ikki

Michael Smith

1978, 2:23 min, color, sound


Baby Ikki's Birthday Party

Michael Smith

2008, 9:50 min, color, sound

In June 2008, Michael Smith staged a birthday party for his legendary character Baby Ikki at EAI. Baby Ikki's Birthday Party documents this performance, following the diaper-clad baby as he interacts with party guests and an ebullient clown named Curly. During the party, cake was served, games...


Background Story

Kristin Lucas

2010, 2:12 min, color, silent

Can artistic collaboration be outsourced? Lucas answers yes in Background Story, a work that continues her ongoing examination of the isolating and disorienting effects of electronic media on contemporary life. Using Amazon's Mechanical Turks program, which connects employers with an anonymous...


Baldessari Sings LeWitt

John Baldessari 

1972, 12:38 min, b&w, sound



Phyllis Baldino 

2003, 80:51 min, color, sound

Baldino-Neutrino expands on the artist's continuing fascination with scientific phenomena. As in Nano-cadabra and Color Without Color, Baldino focuses on visuality and the unseen; in this case, the movement of neutrinos. Baldino journeyed to Switzerland to visit CERN, the world's largest...


Balloon Nose Blow-Up

Anthony Ramos

1972, 11:18 min, b&w, sound

With a striking economy of means, Ramos enacts a close-up performance action: he blows up a balloon with his nostril until it bursts in his face. He then repeats the action with his other nostril. Alternating nostrils, he continues to blow up the balloon until it bursts. With each iteration his...



Chip Lord

1986, 13:13 min, color, sound



Alix Pearlstein

1994, 5:24 min, color, sound


Bambi's Beastly Buddies

Ellen Cantor

2004, 14:50 min, color, sound

"In Bambi's Beastly Buddies, Bambi and skunk embody innocence, vulnerability and love. I lit Bambi on fire to a refrain from Beethoven's Ode to Joy, on the morning of May 11, 2004, when I read that Nick Berg, an American telecommunications contractor, was beheaded by Islamic militants on live...


Bamboo Xerox

Barbara Hammer

1983, 8:30 min, b&w and color, silent, Super 8mm film on video

"Behind my desire to 'activate' the audience is a distaste for sutured, hegemonic cinema. By this, I mean a cinema dominated by both narrative and documentary traditions, cinema that hypnotizes its audience through invisible editing, illusionist sound, and 3D) perspective. With Bamboo Xerox, I...


Banana Split (25 Stories)

Kip Fulbeck

1991, 37:30 min, color, sound


Barbara Buckner: Selected Works I

Barbara Buckner

1979-81, 23:10 min, color, silent


Barbara Buckner: Selected Works II

Barbara Buckner

1980-1982, 11:07 min, color and b&w, silent


Barbara Ward Will Never Die

Barbara Hammer

1968, 3:21 min, color, silent, Super 8mm film on video

Using a hand-held camera, Hammer initially shot on 8 mm stock. Her second film—created in 1968 while the artist was still married (her married name was Barbara Ward)—programmatically shows the desecration of a graveyard. Though only at the beginning of her development as an artist, she already...


Barbara Ward Will Never Die: Early 8mm and Super 8 Films

Barbara Hammer 

1968-72, 102 min, color, silent, 8mm film and Super 8mm film on video


Barbie London: Trouble in Space

Ellen Cantor

2001, 19:15 min, color, sound

"My mother didn't want me to play with Barbie dolls because she was of the generation where she thought it was against creativity and against women ... . So I had to secretly play with dolls. Ironically, as a child Barbie games gave me the possibility of controlling my world – so in fact this...



Joan Jonas

1973, 2:22 min, b&w, sound

Barking is infused with a sense of mystery, the anticipation that something is about to happen. A car is parked outside a house in a rural Nova Scotia landscape. A dog barks into the distance. A woman enters the frame, looks for the object of the dog's barking, and leaves. The camera pans the...


Based on Romance

Bruce and Norman Yonemoto

1979, 24:15 min, color, sound



Gary Hill

1977, 4:30 min, color, sound

Hill's early formalist works explore the manipulation of electronic color and image density through the camera obscura and image processing devices. Of these tapes, Hill has written that "much of the subject matter and the expressionistic method of working underline and in some sense parody the...


Battleship Potemkin Dance Edit (120 BPM)

Michael Bell-Smith 

2007, 12:29 min, b&w, sound

Bell-Smith refers to his re-edit of Eisenstein's iconic 1925 film The Battleship Potemkin as a "sort of Cliff Notes condensation of the original narrative." Writes the artist, "I've separated the film into its constituent shots and time stretched them one by one to the exact same length, one half...


Battleship Potemkin: Father & Son

Phyllis Baldino

2011, 15:22 min, color, sound, French with English subtitles.

Baldino records French artist Ivan Polliart as he watches the last part of Battleship Potemkin with his young son, Witold. Father and son sit on a couch together; the television is off camera. The viewer hears the soundtrack (in French) to Battleship Potemkin as Ivan reads the subtitles and...


Bay Windows

Ulysses Jenkins 

1991, 85 min, color, stereo


Bayou of the Blue Behemoth

George Kuchar

1993, 5:10 min, color, sound


Be Kind to One Another (Rag): Terry Riley

John Sanborn

2013, 12:57 min, color, sound

Terry Riley represents a continuous flow of musical ideas, from "In C" to this enchanting rag that dances and circles and absolves humanity of all evil by turning all thoughts to a state of enlightened delight. My response was to fashion a particle animation "video mandala" that morphs from a...


Beach Birds for Camera

Elliot Caplan, Merce Cunningham

1992, 30:01 min, color and b&w, sound


Beach Boys/Geto Boys

Cory Arcangel 

2004, 4:13 min, color, sound

Continuing his investigation into the intersection of culture and technology in the context of the hand-made, here Arcangel explores the "mash-up," in which music fans digitally merge two songs to create unexpected hybrids. Arcangel's experiment pushes this practice into the realm of absurdity,...



Lawrence Weiner

1970, 2:30 min, b&w, sound


Beautiful People

David Wojnarowicz with Jesse Hultberg 

1988, 27:56 min, b&w and color, silent, Super 8mm film on video


Because We Must

Charles Atlas 

1989, 52:30 min, color, sound

In Because We Must, Atlas continued his collaboration with British choreographer Michael Clark, the enfant terrible of the dance world in the 1980s. Based on an original stage production at Sadlers' Wells Theatre in London, this is an ironic, irreverent work that is as entertaining as it is...



Leslie Thornton

2000, 3:50 min, b&w, sound

Bedtime is one of four new episodes of Peggy and Fred in Hell completed since 2000, along with Have a Nice Day Alone (2002), The Splendor (2002), and The Fold (2013). Like other parts of the project, Bedtime sees a sustained use of found footage and integrates archival images—factories, military...


Bedtime Stories I, II, III

Barbara Hammer

1988, 33:00 min, color, sound

Three highly intellectual, highly sexual, visually playful digital works, charged with humour and political power. Hammer plays with the tools of digital processing mixing up the ‘straight love story’ by queering love and seduction through pixels gone astray.


Bees & Thoroughbreds

Matthew Geller

1987, 28:26 min, color, sound


Before, During, After

Shalom Gorewitz

2000-01, 19:39 min, color, sound

Before, During, After is a collection of collaborative works that reference the devastating events of September 11th in New York. Levinas in Yorkville overlays images of Yorkville in upper Manhattan with text and music. In The Ambiguous Coil Gorewitz responds to the tragic events and their...


Behavioral Works

Francesc Torres

1975, 56:04 min, b&w, sound



Tony Conrad, Mike Kelley

1980-83, 26 min, color, sound


Beirut Outtakes

Peggy Ahwesh 

2007, 7:30 min, color, sound

Composed entirely of film scraps salvaged from a closed Beirut cinema, Beirut Outtakes is a collage of sensational visions. Ed Halter writes in the Village Voice: "Outtakes appears to be a ready-made, albeit one tailor-made for Ahwesh's career obsessions, pre-filled with her signature elements:...


Belchite/South Bronx: A Trans-Cultural and Trans-Historical Landscape

Francesc Torres

1988, 39:14 min, color, sound


Beneath the Skin

Cecelia Condit

1981, 12:05 min, color, sound



Andrew Lampert

2004, 4:33 min, color, silent, 16 mm film on video


Benneton Reversal

Andrew Lampert

2005, 4:55 min, color, sound, 16 mm film on video

A piece from the incremental Benetton series (2004- present). Premiered at the Kitchen in either 2005 or 2006.


Bent Time

Barbara Hammer

1984, 22 min, color, sound, 16 mm film on video

"Bent Time is influenced by scientists who have noted that light rays curve at the outer edges of the universe leading them to theorize that time also bends. A one-point perspective visual path across the US beginning inside a linear accelerator – or atom-smashing device – and traveling to such...


Berkeley to San Francisco (free-view 3D)

Ken Jacobs

2009, 24:18 min, color, sound, HD video


Berlin 1990

Chris Marker

1990, 20:35 min, color, sound


Berlin/nilreB: Tourist Journal

Ken Kobland

1988, 19 min, color, sound

Writes Kobland, "It's a letter to Berlin; a graveyard meditation (with The Wall as its marker). I spent eight months in Berlin (West) as a DAAD fellow; a true guest worker, in 1986-87. I wanted to respond in some way to this strange place. I wanted to describe the landscape of Cold War Berlin,...


Bernadette Corporation: Fashion Shows

Bernadette Corporation 

1995-97, 6:20 min, color, sound

From 1995 to 1997, Bernadette Corporation constituted itself as an underground fashion label based in New York, complete with a head designer and four well-received runway shows. Drawing on the vernacular of local subcultures, from recent immigrant communities to the downtown fashion scene...



Chris Marker

1985-90, 9:04 min, color, sound



Peggy Ahwesh 

2009, 8 min, color, sound

Writes Ahwesh: "Working through my archive of accumulated video footage, I pretended it was found footage from anonymous sources. What began as a tribute to Bruce Conner of the period of Valse Triste and Take the 5:10 to Dreamland, with their deliberate pace and bittersweet memory of home, ended...


Between Earth & Sky: Cordoban Ceilings

Peter d'Agostino

2001-2003, 5 min, color, sound

In June 2001 during an artist's residency in Spain, Peter d'Agostino performed video walks through Cordoba's three architectural monuments: The Great Mosque, Alcazar, and Synagogue, looking up with the camera toward the ceilings. When he began to edit the videos in September, 2001, the events of...


Between Earth & Sky: MX I / pyramids

Peter d'Agostino

2007, 3:53 min, color, sound

Between Earth & Sky: MX I / pyramids is a video triptych from a suite of ten walks Peter d'Agostino performed in Mexico City and its surroundings, the east and west coasts, and the U.S. border. Commissioned by the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, the installation of video projections, plasma...


Between the Frames


1983-91, 259:57 min, color, sound

Muntadas states: "Art, as part of our time, culture and society, shares and is affected by rules, structures and tics, like other economic, political and social systems in our society. Between the Frames is a series of eight chapters about people and institutions located between the artist and...


Between the Lines


1979, 23:27 min, color, sound


Big Market

Joan Jonas

1984, 23:36 min, color, sound


Big Wrench

Chris Burden

1980, 15:12 min, color, sound


Bilder der Berührungen


1998, CD-ROM

Bilder der Berührungen features a full-length experimental film, Syntagma, within a digital sound-and-image-scape that includes film and video sequences, photographs, quotations and poems, drawn from VALIE EXPORT's extensive body of work.

PLEASE NOTE: This CD-ROM was made for computers with...



Peter Callas

1993, 10:56 min, color, sound


Bill T. Jones: Four Duets

Bill T. Jones 

1982, 48:55 min, color, sound

Award-winning choreographer/dancer Bill T. Jones came to prominence in the early 1980s, when he founded the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company with his long-term partner Arnie Zane. Jones and Zanes' "new wave" choreography often featured video, text, and autobiographical references, with...


Bill Viola: Territorio Do Invisiel (Site of the Unseen)

Carlos Nader and Marcello Dantas. 

1994, 26 min, color, sound


Binary Lives

Peter Kirby

1997, 43 min, color, sound



Gordon Matta-Clark

1974, 9:40 min, color, silent, Super 8mm film on HD video

In August 1974, Matta-Clark made a cut in a house in Niagara Falls, New York. The artist obtained permission to divide the exterior facade into nine parts. An hour after he finished, the house was demolished; segments of the facade were taken to Art Park and dumped.


Binocular Menagerie

Leslie Thornton

2014, 2:50 min, color, sound, HD video


Bins of Leeds

Andrew Lampert

2013, 10:54 min, color, silent



Charles Atlas, Merce Cunningham

2005, 48:14 min, color, sound

The décor for BIPED is an exploration into the possibilities of motion capture technology. The movements (but not the physical appearances) of the dancers were transposed into digital images. Paul Kaiser and Shelley Eshkar collaborated with Merce Cunningham to make a new piece of virtual...


Bird's Eye

Mary Lucier

1978, 10 min, b&w, sound

A precursor to Lucier's later works, in which light is used as metaphor, Bird's Eye is an evocative formalist exercise in which Lucier explores light in relation to the material properties of video. Aiming a laser directly at the camera's eye, she burned the vidicon tube. Changing the focal...



Gary Hill

1977, 2:59 min, color, silent

Hill's early formalist works explore the manipulation of electronic color and image density. Of these works, Hill has written that "much of the subject matter and the expressionistic method of working underline and in some sense parody the traditional medium of painting." Bits is an abbreviated...


Black & White (channel 1)

Anthony Ramos

1973-75, 12:58 min, color, sound, Two Channels


Black & White (channel 2)

Anthony Ramos

1973-75, 12:58 min, color, sound, Two Channels


Black and White Tapes

Paul McCarthy

1970-75, 32:50 min, b&w, sound


Black Balls

Bruce Nauman

1969, 8 min, b&w, silent, 16 mm film on video


Black Body

Thomas Allen Harris

1992, 5 min, color, sound


Black Celebration

Tony Cokes

1988, 17:11 min, b&w, sound

In Black Celebration, Cokes merges newsreel footage of riots in urban black neighborhoods in the 1960s with popular music and text commentary to create an incisive counter-reading. Writes Cokes: "This videotape involves the riots that took place in the Watts section of Los Angeles, California in...


Black Girl As A Landscape

Sondra Perry

2010, 9:44 min, color, silent, HD video

Sondra Perry's videos and performances foreground the tools of digital production as a way to critically reflect on new technologies of representation and to remobilize their potential. At once abstract and representational, the video Black Girl as a Landscape articulates Perry’s stated interest...



Sondra Perry

2010, 24:39 min, color, silent, HD video



Gary Hill

1980, 7:23 min, b&w, sound

In his early works, Hill explores the structural and organic relation of linguistics to electronic phenomena. He states, "Certain structural properties of video are revealed in an almost primal sense." Black/White/Text is a linguistic deconstruction that represents the syllabic structure of words...


Blessed Avenue

Jacolby Satterwhite

2018, 19:19 min, color, sound, HD video



Mike Kelley and Ericka Beckman 

1989, 19:57 min, color, sound



Bruce and Norman Yonemoto and Jeffrey Vallance 

1988, 15:30 min, color, sound



Jayson Scott Musson

2017, 8 minutes, Color, Stereo, English

Assuming the role of visionary CEO Guy White, Musson pitches a functionless “anti-social social networking” app—co-developed with Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti for Rhizome’s Seven on Seven. The app, a blank white screen intended for infinite scrolling without the friction of content, is offered...



Jayson Scott Musson

2017, 8 minutes, Color, Stereo, English

Assuming the role of visionary CEO Guy White, Musson pitches a functionless “anti-social social networking” app—co-developed with Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti for Rhizome’s Seven on Seven. The app, a blank white screen intended for infinite scrolling without the friction of content, is offered...



Jayson Scott Musson

2017, 8 minutes, Color, Stereo, English

Assuming the role of visionary CEO Guy White, Musson pitches a functionless “anti-social social networking” app—co-developed with Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti for Rhizome’s Seven on Seven. The app, a blank white screen intended for infinite scrolling without the friction of content, is offered...



General Idea

1974, 17 min, color, sound

Blocking is General Idea's document of a 1974 performance at the artist-run center The Western Front in Vancouver, one of a series of performances that began with the Miss General Idea Pageants of 1970 and 1971 and became part of the extended project The 1984 Miss General Idea Pavilion. Just as...


Blonde Cobra

Ken Jacobs

1963, 33 min, color and b&w, sound, 16 mm film on video

This legendary film features artist Jack Smith in what Jacobs calls "a look in on an exploding life, on a man of imagination suffering pre-fashionable lower East Side deprivation and consumed with American 1950's, 40's, 30s disgust. " Jacobs did little of the shooting himself, instead drawing...


Blue Desert

Seoungho Cho

2011, 11:59 min, color, sound and silent, HD video

In Blue Desert, Seoungho Cho transforms a sublime natural landscape into a stunning abstraction through precise electronic manipulation. Writes Cho: "Blue Desert is one in a series of ongoing visual struggles with Death Valley, a specific desert landscape which I have worked with since 1992. It...


Blue Film No. 6: Love Is Where You Find It

Barbara Hammer

1998, 3:06 min, color, silent, 16 mm film on video


Blue Hour Tango Time

Alexander Kluge

1988, 25 min, b&w and color, sound, German with English subtitles.


Blue Monday

William Wegman and Robert Breer with New Order 

1988, 4:05 min, color, sound


Blue Moon Over

Lawrence Weiner

2001, 5:14 min, color, sound

With Blue Moon Over, Weiner extends his text-based works into the digital realm, positing aphorisms and epigrammatic phrases that investigate language, acquisition and desire. Employing a visual system that suggests flowcharts, horizon lines and diagrams, Blue Moon Over is structured as a series...


Blue, Red, Yellow

Jaime Davidovich

1974, 34 min, color, silent

In this conceptual performance, Davidovich "paints" on an electronic canvas in the three primary colors of the color wheel, by covering a snow-filled TV screen with adhesive tape: first blue, then red, then yellow. Davidovich first exhibited this work at Anthology Film Archives in 1974.


Blurred Times

Andrew Lampert

2011, 27:19 min, color, sound

Writes Lampert: "Little diary moments from my hard drive that show but do not tell who, what and where I was in my on and off time around 2008-2011. Don't blink or you might miss Steve Dalachinsky, Gelitin, Richard Foreman, John Zorn, my father, my nephew, Fidget the cat, Dani Leventhal, Liz...



Pipilotti Rist

1993, 2:40 min, color, sound

Rist's body is the canvas in this surreal montage. Unflinching displays of the artist's own menstrual blood are juxtaposed with images of gemstones, while swooping, close-up shots of Rist's arms and legs are followed by archival footage of lunar fly-bys, suggesting the ease with which...


Bob and Jill (Pt. 2)

John Adams 

1982, 10:26 min, color, sound


Bob Fleischner Dying

Ken Jacobs

2009, 2:42 min, color, silent, HD video

WARNING: This work contains throbbing light. Should not be viewed by individuals with epilepsy or seizure disorders.

Ken Jacobs describes Bob Fleischner Dying: "Bob allows his sick and fading image to be caught in stereo photography. A man of mystery, so banal in some ways, so unexpectedly 'on'...


Body Collage

Carolee Schneemann

1967, 4:12 min, b&w, silent, 16 mm film on video

Body Collage is a visceral "movement-event" from 1967, in which Schneemann paints her body with wallpaper paste and molasses, and then runs, leaps, falls into and rolls through shreds of white printer's paper, creating a physicalized corporal collage. "My intention was not simply to collage my...


Body Music I/ Body Music II

Charlemagne Palestine

1973-74, 20:30 min, b&w, sound

Produced by Palestine at Art/Tapes/22 in Florence, Italy, these works are seminal performance-based exercises. Palestine calls Body Music I "a study in the vocal-physical responses of a species caught in an enclosed square room." He begins this ritualistic piece sitting on the floor, establishing...


Body Tape


1970, 3:58 min, b&w, sound



Sigrid Hackenberg

1985, 7 min, color, sound



Zoe Beloff and Eric Muzzy 

2022, 7:39 min, color, sound, HD video

This interview is with Carlos Montanez, Director of The Mobile Market food distribution program at Henry Street Settlement.


Booty Melt

Jacob Ciocci 

2008, 3:05 min, color, sound

Booty Melt, a mash-up of re-edited YouTube clips and original flash animation, explores the conflation of cartoon violence and real or implied violence in the pop vernacular. Ciocci finds hybrid monsters of caricature/reality in hip-hop fashion (the front-zipping hoodie, embroidered with the...


Born to be Sold: Martha Rosler Reads the Strange Case of Baby $/M

Martha Rosler and Paper Tiger Television 

1988, 35:18 min, color, sound


Borrowed Time

Shalom Gorewitz

2003, 7 min, color, sound

Borrowed Time, which Gorewitz refers to as "a video dirge for my father," combines highly personal subject matter (including a helicopter ride over an active volcano) and the artist's own music, all synthesized through wildly vivid and frenetic electronic image manipulation.


Bottom of the Top

Alex Hubbard

2012, 5:26min, color, sound



Robert Cahen

1985, 42:58 min, color, sound


Bouncing Balls

Bruce Nauman

1969, 9 min, b&w, silent, 16 mm film on video

In this film, Nauman bounces his testicles with one hand. Shot in extreme close-up, the work is perhaps an ironic reference to an earlier film Bouncing Two Balls Between the Floor and Ceiling with Changing Rhythms, in which he bounced rubber balls. Along with Black Balls, Gauze, and Pulling...


Bouncing in the Corner, No. 1

Bruce Nauman

1968, 60 min, b&w, sound


Bouncing in the Corner, No. 2: Upside Down

Bruce Nauman

1969, 60 min, b&w, sound


Bouncing Two Balls Between the Floor and Ceiling with Changing Rhythms

Bruce Nauman

1967-68, 10 min, b&w, sound, 16 mm film on video


Bourgeois Dictionaries (Private Hungary 7)

Péter Forgács

1992, 49 min, color, sound


Bow Falls

by Paul Ryan and Annea Loockwood 

2005, 27:15 min, color, sound


Boys Will Be Boys

Sigrid Hackenberg

1993, 23 min, color, silent


Brain Operations

Ken Jacobs

2009, 22:08 min, b&w, silent, HD video

An homage to Op-Art, Brain Operations was inspired by an optical illusion produced by checkered tiles on the artist's bathroom floor. "When editing 16mm film, I had reached for a strand and closed my hand on nothing," Jacobs explains. "I had visually coupled similar-appearing frames, popping them...



Vito Acconci 

1970, 3 min, color, silent, Super 8mm film on video

Super-8 camera held out before him as shield and surrogate, Acconci pushes through a landscape of dense reeds and overgrowth. Break-Through records this search for a pause or clearing in what, for the viewer, amounts to an abstracted and scarcely differentiated visual field.


Breaking and Entering the Lost Timeframe


2003, 5:32 min, color, sound

Produced at the Experimental Television Center in Oswego, New York, Breaking and Entering the Lost Timeframe works with discrete sound and video signals to visualize the discontinuity of time. Using analogue electrical noise as a signal for both, LoVid unlocks an "entrance" into the digital...


Breath In (To) / Out (Of)

Vito Acconci 

1971, 3 min, color, silent, Super 8mm film on video

The screen is empty: the artist stands off-screen — he breathes in and out, his stomach moving into and out of the frame.


Breath Text: Love Poem


1970-73, 2:23 min, b&w, sound

Breath Text is a powerfully simple performance in which VALIE EXPORT creates tension by breathing compulsively.


Bridge Visitor (Legend-Trip)

Mike Kelley

2004, 18:30 min, color, sound


Broken Off

Lawrence Weiner

1971, 1:30 min, b&w, sound



Ken Jacobs

2009, 2:15 min, color, silent, HD video


Brooklyn Bridge

Joan Jonas

1988, 6:12 min, color, sound


Bruxelles, une ville en été

Marie André 

1987, 11 min, color, sound

The scene is Brussels, a summer afternoon, and the city seems suspended, silent, waiting. A young girl reads a letter from a friend who is away from the city on vacation. André then opens the narrative—fiction? document?—into a journal of the city in summer, which she presents as an urban...


Buildings and Grounds: The Angst Archive

Ken Kobland

2003, 45 min, color, sound

Kobland's quiet, meditative video is a philosophical investigation, a travelogue of sorts, and, ultimately, a probing essay-film in the tradition of Aleksandr Sokorov or late Godard. Buildings and Grounds pairs lingering, beautifully framed shots of urban scenes, industrial installations,...



Seoungho Cho

2008, 7:11 min, color, sound, HD video

The golden, barren landscape of Death Valley, California, recorded by Cho from a moving car, provides the luminous and mysterious texture of Buoy. As the title suggests, this work reflects on the polar extremes of this desert, which was once the floor of a vast sea, now traversed by sight-seeing...


Bush Blinks

Shalom Gorewitz

2005, 4:22 min, color, sound


But It's True (Excerpts)

Shalom Gorewitz

2013, 3:14 min, color, sound



Nam June Paik

1986, 2:03 min, color, sound



Seoungho Cho

2008, 10:53 min, color, sound, HD video

In Butterfly, Seoungho Cho pursues an associative connection between a Buddhist drumming ritual and the pulsing drum solo in Iron Butterfly's famous psychedelic rock song "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida." Cho's mesmerizing documentation of the Buddhist ritual furthers the association by framing the drummer...


Button Happening

Nam June Paik

1965, 1:40 min, b&w, sound


Bye Bye Kipling

Nam June Paik

1986, 30:32 min, color, sound