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Peter d'Agostino

1979-1980, 8:06 min, color, sound


QUBE Project

Jaime Davidovich

1980, 10:32 min, color, sound

In the late 1970s, Warner-AMEX launched the first interactive television system, QUBE, in Columbus, Ohio. This tape of a live broadcast from the QUBE studios in Columbus in 1980 documents Davidovich's effort to exploit QUBE as an artistic medium. He and co-host Carol Stevenson invite call-in...


Question A Day

Andrew Lampert

2008, 10:39 min, color, sound

In 2008, Lampert, employed as the film archivist of Anthology Film Archives, endeavored to ask Jonas Mekas, its legendary and charismatic founder, one trivial or profound question a day. This is a selection.



Frank Gillette

1974-75, 19 min, color, sound


Quin Quag

Michael Smith and Joshua White

2002, 8 min, color, sound

Ostensibly one segment of a television magazine show called "Millennium Visions," Quin Quag is in fact a carefully crafted simulation. Smith plays the entrepreneur "Mike Smith," who, while planning an arts and wellness conference center in the Catskill Mountains, uncovers a fifty-year old...


Quirky: Facts and Friction

1992, 30 min, color, sound